Track: Calvin Decline Band – Taxi

Sweden is fast becoming a hot bed of new and exciting underground bands, with a resurgence of new music coming from the older established bands and the new kids on the block, from the likes of Rotten Mind and Beat City Tubeworks to the now resurfaced Calvin Decline Band from their seedy underground bunker/studio in Stockholm with a new single titled Taxi

Following on from their debut, Start A Fire, the Swedish punk rockers latest offering is a hard-hitting song that oozes energy and attitude. Best accompanied with an alcoholic drink and the glow of the city lights, Taxi is a homage to drunken nights out. You know, the occasions where you consume twelve beers, two vodka shots, and a pint of rum in one sitting, then try and flirt with the bouncer. The evening ends in a Taxi, and the poor driver has to take you through a McDonald’s drive-through at 3 am to order £20’s worth of cheeseburgers. That hasn’t happened to you? Oh, just us then. 

Anyway, if you’re after an intoxicating sound, listen to Taxi by Calvin Decline. Also, if you press play and enjoy it, we’ll buy you a beer or a bottle of wine because we’re lovely people. Kiss.

Check out the track on Spotify, here

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