Premiere: Sydney’s Big Wheels debut with a shimmering and jangling ‘Chain of Fire’.

Feature Photograph: Vasili Panathanospoulos

We are very pleased to premiere the debut single ‘Chain of Fire’ from Sydney band Big Wheels. This is a stunning entre to the world of Big Wheels: an alt country flavour with yearning, layered vocals and harmonies ringing out over jangling, shimmering instrumentation. It is a track that sparkles like jewels in the sun.

Singer Cass Ford has the kind of velvet vocals a that entice and mesmerise – a touch of Stevie Nicks – that are embellished by the delicate harmonies. She says of the track:

‘Chain of Fire’ began with the idea for the track title sitting on a bottle of wine in the cupboard and some old lyrics scribbled in a notebook.

For the times we were in, with so much uncertainty and an overload of information, it felt like taking a step back from the anarchy and switching off was needed but there was no escaping it and everywhere I looked we all seemed to be drawn to the fear like a moth to a flame. For me, it was about that feeling of knowing something is bad for you but still going back to it time and time again. The track takes you on a journey of inner turmoil and feeling stuck in the same place towards finding a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ through acceptance.

Co-frontman Lawson Doyle says of the track:

‘Chain of Fire’ excites me; not only as an artist, but as a listener. It brings a sense of nostalgia to my ears, and oozes 70’s soft-rock flair with just that hint of country twang. I feel like it’s a track the Eagles would appreciate, you know? It’s fiery (pardon the pun) nature fills you up with life whilst embracing total emotional vulnerability.

There is certainly an easy LA style that emits rays of sunshine:

‘Chain of Fire’ is out tomorrow (6 May 2022) and can be pre-saved here.

Big Wheels consist of Cass Ford (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Lawson Doyle (vocals/lead guitar) backed by rhythm section featuring Jordan Buchan (bass) and Dale Coombes (drums). The project’s co-frontman and driving force, Doyle, had spent the past 5 years of his career performing across festival stages and selling venues with the respective outfits Port Royal & Sunflower. Having crossed paths with songwriter Ford in the midst of her previous musical ventures in 2016, the two joined forces to create Big Wheels, and we are all the better for it.

Feature Photograph: Vasili Panathanospoulos/ Artwork: Cass Ford

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