Track: Beck – Saw Lightning, plus new album news

Musical chameleon Beck returns with a new track ‘Saw Lightning’, co-written and produced by Beck and none other than Pharrell Williams. It’s the first track taken from his forthcoming 14th album, Hyperspace, due out later this year on the Captiol Records label, and its also been chosen to the new Beats by Dr. Dre film – directed by Grammy-winning filmmaker Hiro Murai and ft. Anthony Joshua and Eden Hazard.
Starting off with these raw blues chords, Beck goes all Odelay on us, his slide guitar and harmonica sprawled over the track, a bluesy if not stomper then confident strider of a song, one that worms its way into your ear even at first listen. Pharrell uses this as a bare canvas, splattering it with 80s synth sounds, funk-filled drum and assorted ‘ahs’ and (at least according to the press release) ‘mumbles. Somehow, it not only works but a welcome splash of colour.
Check it out, here

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