Track: Boss Hog – Formula X

It’s been a good old while since we had new material from New York garage noise band Boss Hog – aka Christina Martinez and her husband Jon Spencer, but they’re back with Brood X, their first new album for 17 years, out on March 24th via Bronze Rat Records.

AS Christina explains “There are different broods of cicadas emerging in cyclical periods, there are 13-year cicadas and 17-year cicadas. That’s what Boss Hog is like – we’re operating on our own cycle. We go underground for a number of years, re-emerge, make beautiful sounds, and then go away. That’s our cyclical life.”

The first indication of the album comes in the shape of a track, Formula X. It’s a punky, bluesy stormer, full of jagged rhythms and searing guitar, with a healthy dose of Dexys-like brass. It’s scuffed up, and deliberately scuzzy, but that’s how its supposed to be, right?

Have a listen, here

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