Track: The glorious Summer Flake have ‘One Less Thing’ to worry about in an atmospheric and ethereal track, on news of new album and launch date.

Feature Photograph: Anita Shao

Following up their single ‘Stranger In The Mirror‘, Naarm/Melbourne trio Summer Flake have released another dreamy, jangling and ethereal track ‘One Less Thing’ that positively shimmers in the firmament. Title track to their newly announced fourth album, this is a glowing track filled with a simmering vitality.

Gliding over a sparse and enigmatic sound with singer/guitarist Steph Crase’s distant, floating melodic vocals, the song twists with a spectacular guitar intrusion that injects a filigree of gold and steel. The subtle but superglue melodies hang suspended in the air above the instrumentation as Crase softly sings everything will be alright underneath strangulated wild guitars that collapse into feedback at the end. Crase says of the track:

This song is classic Flake, but maybe in these 10 years I’ve grown a little, learnt a little, and found some kindred bandmates, and have a bit more light and shade in my palette. The lyrics are bleak, but in the end I’m always naively hopeful, gladly embracing the cliche to get out: ‘don’t worry baby, everything will be alright’

The accompanying video – shot by Crase herself – is a simply but mesmerising performance piece which shifts with a psychedelic blur:

Summer Flake’s fourth album ‘One Less Thing’ is set for release on 24 February 2023 through Rice Is Nice. You can pre-order through the link below.

You can catch Summer Flake launching the single on 3 December, 2022 at the Cactus Room, Thornbury VIC, with Tracksuit and Lacky Band (WA). Tickets available here.

Feature Photograph: Anita Shao

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