Live Review: Enter Shikari / Trash Boat / As Everything Unfolds- Rock City, Nottingham 20.05.22

Claire Hodgkins

By Claire Hodgkins

Following a triumphant first performance, Nottingham’s premier music venue was all geared up for a second consecutive show from the mighty Enter Shikari.

Having been rescheduled previously due to COVID related illness, these highly anticipated shows had been sold out months in advance. Joining the lineup, were Buckinghamshire based As Everything Unfolds and ‘Don’t You Feel Amazing?’ hitmakers, Trash Boat.

Kicking things off, As Everything Unfolds took to the stage playing some of their biggest shows to date – so far. If their performance is anything to go by, the band ought to get used to playing far sizeable venues than what they played on their recent run of headline shows, as they are for sure more than ready for the challenge.

Playing through songs from their debut album “Within Each Lies The Other”, the six-piece make their presence known by opening with the punchy single “Take Me There” which recently surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify – becoming the band’s third track to do so. The track gave vocalist Charlie Rolfe the early opportunity of filling the massive room with her monstrous scream vocals, with the lyrics ‘Allow yourself to see the light. Question and defy’.  From this moment on, the band had the audience in their palm who were taken back by Rolfe’s extensive vocal range which only shined more as their 30-minute set progressed.

Completing the lineup, are Jon Cassidy (Synth), Adam Kerr (Guitar), Jamie Gowers (Drums), George Hunt (Bass) and guitarist Owen Hill who recently announced his upcoming departure from the group, with his final performance being at this year’s Download Festival. Despite this news, the band show no signs of slowing down, who will later go on to support Creeper with Trash Boat in Paris, and other various festivals across the EU in June and July.

Closing their set with their smash single “On The Inside” which; to no surprise, proved to be the fan favourite. It’s safe to say, As Everything Unfolds gained some new fans in Nottingham. Be sure to catch AEU at this year’s Download Festival on the Avalanche stage, as you for sure don’t want to sleep on this band!


Take Me There

Hiding From Myself




On The Inside

Next up were St Albans based band Trash Boat, consisting of Tobi Duncan (Vocalist), Dann Bostock (Guitar), Ryan Hyslop (Guitar), and James Grayson (Bass) and Oakley Moffatt (Drums).

Taking a break from their own Headline run, Trash Boat were able to squeeze these support slots into their crammed schedule, along with As Everything Unfolds who are also on the road with Tobi and Co. 

Formed in 2014, the band are no strangers to dominating a larger stage and certainly weren’t strangers to the crowd of Nottingham. Blasting hit singles from their latest release ‘Don’t You Feel Amazing?’, it’s clear to see that the band are on top form and going from strength to strength. AEU’ Charlie joined the band on stage to provide stellar guest vocals for the track ‘Bad Entertainment’, originally featuring Milkie Way of nu-metal newcomers Wargasm, UK. 

Trash Boat will also be appearing at this year’s Download Festival, where you can find them on the Sunday playing the Avalanche stage.


Silence is Golden

Synthetic Sympathy

Bad Entertainment

Alpha Omega

Don’t You Feel Amazing?

He’s So Good

Enter Shikari are known for their extensive stage production which got to shine as they headlined last year’s Download Pilot. However, they were able to offer the same spectacle on a scale that was fit for a club venue. The sci-fi futuristic stage set up with Alexa-esque prerecorded countdown made a great teaser for what was in store. Whilst some may consider this level of production to be ‘gimmicky’, there’s something about Enter Shikari where it just works.

As the lights dimmed, their Live Outside dubbed fanfare intro blasted through the speakers. An instrumental that was debuted at their headline slot at 2021’s Download Pilot Festival, proved just as emotional nearly one year on. The entire front row was flooded with fans singing along whilst holding up their hands in a triangle formation, a heartfelt nod to the iconic Shikari logo. Without even stepping onto the stage and playing as much of a note, a highlight from the show had already taken place.

Soaring single ‘The Great Unknown’, along with a blast of confetti kicked things off. “If there’s anyone out there. Just give me a sign” sang vocalist Rou Reynolds who was greeted with the roar of an excited sold-out crowd. Although, it has been thought that this lyric had previously taken on another meaning, with the future of live music hanging in the balance due to living with COVID restrictions. It very much was a period of ‘The Great Unknown’.

Spanning through some deeper cuts of their discography tracks “Destabilise” “Sssnakepit” and “Juggernauts” followed suit and 2007 hit “Sorry You’re Not a Winner” came later in the set – a clear fan favourite and ode to emo nostalgia.

All in all Rou, Chris, Rory and Rob put on what can only be described as an out of this world performance. A band who have successfully managed to switch up their sound, whilst remaining authentic and true to their roots. It goes without saying that Enter Shikari put the ‘rock’ in Rock City.


Live Outside 2021 Fanfare Intro





modern living….

Return to Energiser


satellites* *

the pressure’s on.

Arguing with Thermometers 

Rabble Rouser

Sorry, You’re Not a Winner

Gandhi Mate, Ghandi




Reprise 3


{ The Dreamer’s Hotel }

Live Outside

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