Track: Fleeting Persuasion unbottle the pensive yearning bliss of single ‘Passed Through’

The project of Melburnian James Spencer Harrison, who has also released several albums, singles and EPs under the J M S Harrison moniker, Fleeting Persuasion, has just released the delicate and yearning single ‘Passed Through’.

Jangling guitars and a sense of peaceful resolve filter through this pensive track that drifts like a leaf floating along a stream through your consciousness. The gorgeous melodies hang in the air: ghostly and haunting as Harrison repeats the refrain never separate following the mysterious and enigmatic lyrics:

I’ll follow down every path and street
right through the city instead of sleep
just feel the breeze

This is a followup to the single ‘Eternal’ which we covered last month, evidence of something special building up towards an album.

The accompanying black and white video samples some brooding imagery that fits like a glove, sourced from ‘Carnival of Souls’ the 1962 mystery/cult classic starring Candace Hilligoss:

You can get the track through the link below:

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