Track: Fleeting Persuasion unveil the atmospheric and brooding track ‘Eternal’.

📷 by cilla

‘Eternal’, the new single from Melbourne’s Fleeting Persuasion, prowls and circles with a delicious brooding intensity and dark gothic undertones.

There is a euphoric mix of a new wave arctic chill with the jangling angular guitars and something more electronic and syncopated. A subtle touch of backing vocals adds a delicate shaft of light. It is a gorgeous, yearning track. James Spencer Harrison, the name behind the band, says of the creative development of the single:

Knowing what the beat will be is such a crucial thing for me early in writing phase, so using a dodgy recording app I started playing around with beats and keys for around a dozen new songs. I rang Josh at Crosstown Studios sent him the demos and he said I was crazy for starting a new project. But he also said he had some experience in synths and beats so together we decided to work on one song at a time; I choose to work on this song, ‘Eternal’. We built the song in stages together as a collaboration, referencing bands like The Midnight and Chromatics along the way.

The result is something quite special – The Cure engaging with The Underground Lovers – fusing electronica with a lush acoustic style:

You can get ‘Eternal’ from a variety of streaming and download sites here.

Fleeting Persuasion is the latest project of prolific Melbourne-based creative James Spencer Harrison who has also released several well-received albums, singles and EPs under the J M S Harrison moniker. 2017’s Traced Out LP was leading James towards a denser and richer full-band sound which inspired a change of name and Fleeting Persuasion was born.

Feature Photograph: 📷 by cilla

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