Say Psych: Live Review: Night Beats, White Flowers & Calvin Love @ Band on the Wall 07.02.2019

Before the main event we have two supports, the first of which is solo singer/songwriter Calvin Love. The Canadian has joined The Night Beats on guitar and at the same time utilises his own talent to provide support. His imposingly tall stature dominates the stage and he woos the crowd for thirty minutes or so with desert soul type tracks that captivate the audience who listen attentively. His set ends with a 80s disco esq track that stands distinctly out of place to its preceding tracks, but he’s clearly enjoying himself, so why not.

Following are late addition to the bill White Flowers, who stepped in at the eleventh hour to fill in for Witch Fever who had to cancel due to illness. The duo from Preston create a breed of dream pop that transports the audience to another realm where things are less clear round the edges. The band formerly known as Britain have recently signed to DIY label Bingo Records in preparation for an LP out later this year and have gone from strength to strength, creating ethereal cinematic musical arrangements with subtle, yet evocative lyrics. They are warmly received by the crowd and although a late stand in, no one seems disappointed.

The Night Beats are a band who need no introduction, they draw crowds wherever they go and continue to wow crowds, tonight is set to be no exception. With a newly expanded line up, now showcasing five members, frontman Danny Lee Backwell leads the charge, remaining the only constant. This tour comes following the release last month of their fourth studio album, Myth of a Man on Heavenly Recordings, which has undoubtedly taken a different road from their previous albums yet does not appear to have diminished their appeal. Opening with ‘They Came in Through the Window’ from 2011’s H-Bomb EP, closely followed by ‘As You Want’ and ‘Outta Mind’ from 2013’s Sonic Bloom its clear we are going to get a set list spanning their enviable back catalogue. They are executed with their usual energetic style and with such precision that it’s a pleasure to watch. A couple of tracks from Myth of a Man follow, which bring the tempo down a notch before ‘No Cops’ and ‘Power Child’ from 2016’s Who Sold My Generation has the crowd dancing in earnest. ‘Sunday Mourning’ is another crowd pleaser with its hypnotic melody and ‘Am I Just Wasting My Time’ is a catchy offering from the latest album. They end the set with two fan favourites back to bac; ‘H-Bomb’ and ‘The New World’ which sees the entire room grooving happily and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Their set tonight has been like seeing two bands at the same time; The Night Beats of old and The Night Beats c. 2019. Whether you like both or not, you certainly can’t deny they put on an exceptional live performance.

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