Say Psych: News: Death Valley Girls announce European Tour & Share video for ‘Street Justice’

After releasing their album Darkness Rains last year via Suicide Squeeze Records, Los Angeles’ Death Valley Girls share a new video for ‘Street Justice’ and announce a European tour.

Speaking about the single, Bonnie Bloomgarden said “This country is so messed up politically right now. Everyday we wake up it feels like we are stuck in a fucking haunted house. But we know in the end street justice always prevails.”

Rock n’ roll has always served as a means to elevate the fringe of society, though it’s accentuated the plights of the outcasts and misfits in different ways throughout the years. In its infancy, rock was a playful rebuttal against segregation and Puritanism. In the ‘60s, it became a vehicle for an elevated consciousness. In the years following the Summer of Love and the clampdown on Flower Power, that countercultural spirit adopted the aggravated and occasionally nihilistic edge of bands like The Stooges, Black Sabbath, MC5, and The New York Dolls. And then as the ‘80s approached, popular rock n’ roll turned into a relatively benign celebration of hedonism and decadence, but that contingent of dark mystics from the ‘70s who lifted the veil and used music as a means of rallying people to altered planes had left their mark. It was an undercurrent in rock that would never die, but would percolate in corners of the underground. Today we can see it manifest in Death Valley Girls.

Live dates:
9th Feb – Hôtel de Vogüé, Dijon (FR)
11th Feb – Molotov, Hamburg (DE)
13th Feb – Loppen, Copenhagen (DAN)
14th Feb – Atlas, Aarhus (DAN)
15th Feb – Musikenshus, Gothenburg (SE)
16th Feb – Melody Box, Stockholm (SE)
18th Feb – Munster, Gleiss22 (DE)
19th Feb – King Georges, Koln (DE)
20th Feb – Monarch, Berlin (DE)
21st Feb – Vera Club, Groningen (NL)
22nd Feb – Sugar Factory, Amsterdam (DE)
23rd Feb – AD, Diskmuid (BEL)
24th Feb – L’Aéronef, Lille (FR)
26th Feb – Astroshow, Bordeaux (FR)
27th Feb – Paloma, Nimes (FR)
28th Feb – La Sirène, La Rochelle (FR)
1st March – La Cartonnerie, Reims (FR)
2nd March – Haunt Live, Brighton (UK)
3rd March – The Cluny, Newcastle (UK)
4th March – Broadcast, Glasgow (UK)
5th March – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (UK)
6th March – The Victoria, London (UK)
7th March – Olympic Café, Paris (FR)
8th March – La Manufacture, Saint Quentin (FR)
9th March – Galion, Lorient (FR)

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