See: Thus Owls release video for How in My Bones

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Thus Owls are husband and wife duo Erika and Simon Angell. Their new record Turning Rocks was split between the two protagonists homelands, and home cities of Montreal and Stockholm. The album itself takes two separate ideas – stories and memories from a tiny island called Orust, just north of Gothenburg, supplied by Erika’s Grandmother on one side, and sonic experimentation from the recordings in Montreal on the other.

What resulted was this organic and beautifully orchestrated retro sounding pop music. As Simon explains“We realized a lot of the things that was catching both our ears were those old vintage 60s organs, so we started buying a bunch of them: a Farfisa, a Wurlitzer,” he says, noting that their new keyboard player, Parker Shper, shared their enthusiasm for the older gear. In addition to Parker, Montreal drummer Stefan Schneider was added as a permanent fixture in the group, and he along with Swedish bass player Martin Höper round out the core band on the recordings.

From the album, the band have recently released the video for ‘How in my bones’. The track shows the very best of the band, this ambitious musical landscape explored with a variety of instruments, retro and otherwise, as well as classic songwriting as well, the lovely melodies sticking in the mind as the track swings through indie, pop-noir, through to psych rock snatches along with this proggy organ lines.

Its accompanied by a madcap, visually stunning video. Seems that Thus Owls can surprise and delight in a multitude of ways.

Thus Owls

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