Track: Venom Prison – Comfort Of Complicity

Andy Ford

With the release of the bands new album ‘Erebos’, Venom Prison have shared the video for the track ‘Comfort Of Complicity’ filmed by singer Larissa Stupar. 

Venom Prison comment, 

“’Comfort of Complicity” is a song about the European and American immigration systems and the way they break families apart and criminalise vulnerable people for simply wanting to give a better life for their families. Musically this song goes through many sounds and emotions, and making it as one piece was a challenge. The song wanted to sound like a journey through aggression to a more major key moment with some form of hope.”

A brutal track full of throat, double bass drum and frantic guitars. All you need for an epic metal track. Epic is what this band do well. Check out the melodic delight that is the dual guitar solo from Ash Gray and Ben Thomas.

Check it out, here

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