Live REVIEW: Spiritualized / Alan Wilkinson – 3Olympia, Dublin 07,05,2022

Opening the show was Alan Wilkinson and folks must have checked the venues website for stage times as there’s not many in and those that are, are looking very bewildered as to what is happening as Alan is centre stage and playing the saxophone. Alan has been a leading figure in the British Improvised Music Community for many years and tonight its improve Jazz on the Baritone Sax. Not everybody’s cup of tea, its Marmite and for those that might not understand improve to them its just noise. But realistically the main act are a space rock experimental band so something experimental was bound to be support and of-course with Jason being involved with a network of free jazz players and improvisers
Alan just walked out on stage, played his set and walked back off stage, very minimal.

The Stage setting for the show is horseshoe in shape and set back from the front, starting on the right you had Jason (J Spaceman) three backing singers, the drummer, the bassist, coming around to the left the keyboards finishing out with the guitarist.
Jason stays seated for the whole show and not a word is uttered from him through out the night one song leads into the next.
The crowd at times letting out cheers and shouts of YES!, GREAT! & COME ON MAN! more so during the mid instrumental section of The Morning After and again during Let It Bleed.
But it was when the first chord of Come Together started up that the crowd really kicked in and went wild for the duration of the song. Things quietened down again for the final song on the main set that being Sail on Through. After which the band left the stage and Jason spoke only to say thank you.
One song completed the night with So Long You Pretty Things being the encore.

Set List
Hay Jane
She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit)
Shine A Light
I’m Coming Home Again
A Perfect Miracle
I’m Your Man
The Morning After
Here It Comes (The Road) Lets Go
Best Thing You Never Had (The D Song)
Let It Bleed
The A Song (Laid in Your Arms)
Soul On Fire
Come Together
Sail On Through
So Long You Pretty Things

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