Track: Sydney’s power pop maestros The Nature Strip return to the fray with a bit of essential ‘Surgery’ and a launch gig.

It’s been a while since The Nature Strip brightened our world with their brand of quirky, intelligent power pop (last seen back in 2018 with the EP ‘Past Pacific’, reviewed by me here). In the intervening time, however, they haven’t really left us at all – John  Encarnacao’s Warmer project and Pete Marley’s Marveline project kept the pop light burning on the hill. And now they are back with new single ‘Surgery’ and the promise of more to come.

Absence certainly make the heart grow fonder: it is great to hear the classic tones of the band in full swing with Marley’s typical muscular bass underpinning the song and the fulsome melodies and sky-high choruses. The signature thread of humour remain in force while, in line with the times, there is a darker melancholic sheen to the lyrics and an edge in the sardonic call and response delivery:

I want to take this slowly
I want to take this in my stride
I want to take this slowly
But I take it much too seriously
It’s like surgery

It’s great to have them back – you can get the single through the link below:

You can also save the track here.

In further great news, the band are back together in the spotlight with a launch gig on 11 March 2022 at Django’s at Camelot – tickets available here.

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