Blu-Ray Review: The Indian Tomb

The Yogi

We live in a world which is now almost devoid of mystery, and it’s not a better place for it. Gone are the days when people who were fascinated by the exotic and the mythical had to feed their obsessions vicariously, through reports from adventurers such as Marco Polo. There was a time when Europeans romanticised other parts of the world. The Middle-East, East Asia, the Americas. India was no exception, as The Indian Tomb demonstrates.

The Maharajah of Bengal (Conrad Veidt) is not a man to be denied. When he sees his chance, he awakens a mystic yogi (Bernhard Goetzke) from his holy sleep. Knowing that Ramigani must grant his greatest wish, no matter what it is. He’s sent to fetch a famous architect, Herbert Rowland (Olaf Fønss), from Europe to build a magnificent tomb for his love (Erna Morena). The only problem is that the Princess is still alive and he can’t tell his fiancé he’s leaving (Mia May). 

The Indian Tomb is presented here in two parts, The Mission of the Yogi and The Tiger of Eschnapur. Adapted from a novel by Thea von Harbou, Joe May’s epic film immerses itself in the luxurious and magical India of fable, full of ostentatious riches and breathtaking sights. The first part is enthralling and immersive, and while the second does get a little muddled the whole package is a fascinating experience. The Indian Tomb is a rediscovered classic of German silent cinema.

Special features:

  • Disc 1 – The Mission of the Yoghi
  • Disc 2 – The Tiger of Eschnapur
  • Both parts presented in 1080p HD, across two Blu-ray discs from 2K restorations undertaken by the Murnau foundation (FWMS)
  • Musical Score (2018) by Irena and Vojtěch Havel
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Brand New video essay by David Cairns & Fiona Watson
  • A collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Philip Kemp

The 2K restoration of The Indian Tomb is released on Blu-ray by Eureka Entertainment as part of their Masters of Cinema collection on 21 February.

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