PREMIERE: Blonde Diamond dazzle on brilliant new single ‘Strange Times’, prep debut album

It would be fair to say that Vancouver quartet Blonde Diamond have been in album mode for a while now. It’s the reason they all but vanished for two years before resurfacing a few months ago with the intense ‘Red Flags’. As the first we heard from them since 2018, it was the sound of a band figuring themselves out and honing their craft – having spent much of the previous two years in isolation, there was no better time for it.

Thankfully we haven’t had to wait too long for them to follow it up. They’re well and truly in album mode now – ‘Strange Times’ is the second taster of the record, still TBA for this year. It’s a sardonic, slinky ode to hedonism – living it up while the world feels like it’s ending. Sound like anyone you know?

Of the song, the band says: ‘The entire idea originated from this feeling of living in a surreal dream, but we took the story away from the reality of what was happening in real life and transported it to an extravagant, fictional tryst that is taking place while the world is ending. It’s a nihilist fantasy of living life as a luxurious lie, because it’s all going to end anyways I suppose, so why not enjoy it while we can!”

Pondering existential themes while remaining an absolute bop? Sounds good to us. We’re premiering ‘Strange Times’ below – get in on the ground floor with this band while you still can, and look out for more on the aforementioned debut album when we have it.

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