Track: Frankie Cosmos – Sand

Short and sweet is really the only way to sum up Sand – the new single from Frankie Cosmos.
Frankie Cosmos is Greta Kline, a New York native who has been writing songs and self-releasing them on Bandcamp under the pseudonym since late 2011. She released her debut studio album, Zentropy, in 2014 and has now announced the follow-up to this will be a new EP titled Fit Me In (out on 13 November through Bayonet Records) with a new album featuring four band members due next year.
Sand is the lead single from the forthcoming EP and, even at a breathtaking 49 seconds in length, wraps up her excitement at the beginning of spring in NYC in a charming low-fi package. The EP is an experiment combining Kline’s poetic song writing with an electronic sound. On this track the synth adds the sparkle to the bouncing bass line while Kline’s vocals radiate warmth.
This track is bright, breezy and full of the joys of spring but before you know it, it’s sprung.

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