Live Review: Judas Priest, Wolverhampton 26.11.15

Leather, Spikes and Roaring Motorbikes!

So where to start reviewing such Legends of metal?

After numerous changes (how many drummers?) and constant evolution of their sound over 45 years the Midland Metal Gods are making a return to their homelands, and what could be better?

With Black Sabbaths “War Pigs”, blasted to introduce the band, the crowd were in a rousing spirit and strong voice.

The bass vibrated through my chest and the anticipation became palpable in the room. People, young and old, were pumped for a great show. In no way were they let down.

From the outset of “Battle Cry” the band that shouldn’t still be here, proved why they are.



There was no tone down, gentle push or holding back. The stage show and lighting are a great set up showing many album covers lyrics and yesteryear videos, all of which pale to insignificance when Rob Halford consistently hits the high notes with total power and conviction. This, alongside the the twin guitars, shows how any band trying to emulate these legends will always struggle to meet such high standards.

The newest member, Richie Falkner, is a phenomenal shredding, live guitarist who brought new energy and freshness to such well known favorites reminding us of the true talent we were watching.


Playing “Metal Gods” straight after “Dragonaut” seems like a declaration of superiority alongside a thriving, blistering show.

Halford gave Elton John a run for his money managing seamlessly to change his outfit for every song. And yet unlike some of his peers his voice was pure throughout, driving the frenzy of the crowd to sing along louder and louder.  His passion for Metal and the music shines through.



Bringing on the ever faithful roar of a bike for “Hell Bent For Leather” rewarded the faithful for their loyalty.

After their second encore, when “Painkiller” finished and crowd felt spent, but that was not enough for the mighty veterans. The band finally finished another treat with “Living After Midnight”

A truly exceptional night of music which I was glad to witness. I have seen Judas Priest previously from a festival perspective and if like myself that’s your own experience of Judas Priest make sure you change it.

I was skeptical before the show that 45 years in the making could be fresh, fun and full on Metal. I have had that stupidity of doubt pushed away and cant wait for for a new tour.

GALLERY:(just click on any pic to see full size)



Battle Cry(Recording)


Metal Gods

Desert Plains

Victim of Changes

Halls of Valhalla

The Rage

Turbo Love

Redeemer of Souls

Beyond the Realms of Death

Screaming for Vengeance

Breaking the Law

Hell Bent for Leather

Electric Eye

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’


Living After Midnight




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