Tribeca Review: Ultrasound

Glen being questioned

Whilst on the face of it the science fiction film genre should be relatively narrow in terms of definition, when you think about it there’s actually a surprising number of elements and areas which fall within its parameters. It’s easy just to dismiss it as simply time and space, but it encompasses literally anything outside of our current understanding. This has taken many shapes and forms over the years, but the best examples always contain a wealth of imagination. Ultrasound has it in spades.

While driving home late one night during a rain storm Glen (Vincent Kartheiser) has an accident. He seeks help at a nearby house and is greeted by an extremely friendly homeowner (Bob Stephenson) and his young wife (Chelsea Lopez). After a few drinks, he has a night he’ll never remember and yet wish to forget. Meanwhile, a young medical professional (Breeda Wool) is questioning the ethics of the research she’s working on and Kate (Rainey Qualley) is struggling with an increasingly frustrating tryst.

Ultrasound is a slippery fish which leaps around at a frenetic pace. Its alacrity is matched by director Rob Schroeder’s stylish brushstrokes, creating a film which is both captivating and breath-taking. This does mean at times that it can be tricky to keep up, but don’t let that put you off. Whilst it will leave you with a number of questions, this is undoubtedly a good thing. For Ultrasound is a film that will keep audiences talking for some time to come.

Ultrasound screens at Tribeca.

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