Film Review: Two Lottery Tickets

Dinel, Sile and Pompiliu

If you urgently need to raise a large sum of money, what do you do? You might have friends who could lend you it but it’s unlikely that they’ll have such a large amount just lying around. Or be willing to part with it. Some turn to crime, but breaking the law comes with a high level of risk. One of the most popular options is gambling. Betting whatever you have on a horse or placing all your hopes on winning a lottery. This is the quandary our hero faces in Two Lottery Tickets.

Dinel (Dorian Boguță) is at his wit’s end. For the last two years his wife has been working in Italy and he needs to raise money quickly to get her back. His drinking buddies can’t help but Sile (Dragos Bucur), who is a philosophical gambler, suggests he has a go at winning the six-million-leu lottery prize. However, they’ll need to borrow money from Pompiliu (Alexandru Papadopol) in order to buy a ticket. When a miracle happens, they’re overjoyed, but there’s just one problem….

Two Lottery Tickets is a good-natured and offbeat tale of three friends on a quest to change their lives. Between their incompetent bungling and the unusual characters they meet along the way there’s a lot to like here. Paul Negoescu’s film meshes an outlandish roadtrip with social satire to create a droll and entertaining race against the clock. Two Lottery Tickets delves deep into the Romanian psyche, producing a singular and darkly comedic drama.

Two Lottery Tickets is released in US theatres and virtual cinemas on 21 May.

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