News: Max Rad Offer Taste Of Upcoming EP ON Atmospheric, Electronic Beauty ‘Holding On’

Gloucestershire-based artist and producer Max Rad shares new beauty ‘Holding On’, offering an exciting taste of into his forthcoming EP ‘Getting Better’.

Delivering emotive vocals over a rich, alternative-electronic soundscape Max Rad displays his understanding of how to create intricate and musically intelligent soundscapes akin to the likes of Maribou State and Bonobo. Atmospheric, subtly experimental and yet still accessible, the track seamlessly weaves organic samples with global influences, creating an immersive listening experience.

Speaking about the single, MAX RAD shares: “This track is about hitting troubled times in relationships, when you have to really dig deep and find trust in the things that brought you together. We can all walk away from things far too easily and good things often require work, but if you trust the love and know deep down its right, then all you can do is hold on and get through those dark places.

Having garnered praise across tastemaker publications and radio, Max Rad’s upcoming EP is due for release via his label Three Sign. Aside from his main projects, Max Rad’s ambient side venture, ‘max says relax’ has also gained traction. From his early start in Stroud, Gloucestershire, to his current base in Bristol, Max Rad has embraced his role as an independent artist, crafting introspective pieces that forge deep connections with his listeners.

Keep an eye out for the new EP and be sire to try and catch Max Rad headlining Camden Assembly, Oct 11th.

Listen below:

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