SEE: HighSchool – ‘New York, Paris And London’: another jangly cracker from the scene Down Under

HIGHSCHOOL, the Melbourne trio known to their friends as Rory, Lilli and Scotty, have signed to British indie Dalliance (home already to Wilsen and Gia Margaret); and in celebration they’ve dropped a first tune for their new label this morning, in the shape of “New York, Paris And London” – another cracker from the Southern Hemisphere in the slightly unpolished, skeletal post-punk guitar groove meets janglepop of The Chills, The Verlaines, et al.

We highly approve of those atmospheric, choppy guitars; the meandering janglepop vocals and the slightly noir melodicism. Good call.

It is, say the band, “an exploration of the swinging pendulum between social anxiety and elation.”

Lili says: “New York Paris And London’ exposes peer validation that exists in settings where criticism is common. 

“It suggests that dreaming and manifesting is as meaningful as our ambitions coming to fruition. 

“New York, Paris and London are three highly desirable yet clichéd destinations that symbolise the elusiveness of our own self-expectations.”

The band were picked up by Dalliance on the back of the stripped-back, atmospheric bop of previous single “Frosting”, proving they’re no flash in the pan; their debut EP is scheduled for early 2021. That’s a reason to get through winter.

You can follow HighSchool on Facebook and Instagram.

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