Premiere: Golden Fang – Don’t Take Your God To Town

We are delighted to premiere the blistering new single from Sydney band Golden Fang – a cool, rumbling track imbued with swagger and attitude and a wall of tasty guitars. And a great pop sensibility.

Golden Fang have the essential ingredients for delivering gritty and passionate music as well as an insouciance and attitude that complete the picture of a band filled with composure and confidence. Importantly too, this is a band that is not afraid to deliver a message. Singer/guitarist Carl Redfern says of the track:

Don’t Take Your God To Town’ was a song that took me a while to write. It started out specifically being about a dysfunctional personal relationship but eventually ended up being less specifically a dark groove and meditation on the feeling of dread and hopelessness I, and I’m sure many people, feel when looking at the seemingly endless parade of grifters and corrupt fanatics that infest social media and public life. The abandonment of reason in the denial of climate change, the horror-show of border policing and the sobering realisation that “we’ve” lost all these battles.

A grimly realistic appraisal of the mess that we as humanity are in, and one that is delivered with force and intelligence:

‘Don’t Take Your God To Town’ is in tune with bands such as the Pixies, Nick Cave and even a touch of the Tindersticks – you get the picture: intelligent, driving music with a touch of gothic grit and a hint of late night smoky bars, a squinting eye and clenched teeth. Melodic malevolence at its finest. Golden Fangs indeed.

This is a taste of a forthcoming album (their fourth to date) recorded in the epicentre of Sydney’s rock’n’roll heart, the inner west suburb of Marrickville, during the epic bushfires of early 2020. You can almost detect the dry hot smoky air, the rumble of distant trains and the clogged highways of the area.

Produced by Jay Whalley (of legendary punk band Frenzal Rhomb) and mixed by living icon Russ T Rock (aka Russell Pilling), the album, entitled ‘Here. Now Here’ is due out on 7 August 2020. With one song title being ‘Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s Dunedin 1989’ it’sa clear indication that this is a band with a wry sense of humour in addition to its cool demeanor. A valuable combination.

You can get the single here and it will be available through all the normal download/streaming sites on Friday, 24 July 2020.

Golden Fang is:

Carl Redfern – vocals, guitar
Teo Treloar – guitar
Justin Tauber – bass
Joe Parkin – drums, percussion

Additional Musicians
Donna Amini – Backing vocals
Jay Whalley – Percussion

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