Out on Friday via Geneva label Bongo Joe Records is the new album from Meril Wubslin, Alors quoi. They’re the brainchild of Swiss indie royalty, Velma guitarist-songwriter Christian Garcia-Gaucher and Toboggan and Wild Guys singer-guitarist Valérie Niederoest, accompanied by Toboggan and Rosqo drummer, Jérémie Conne. From the album, we’re delighted to be able to premiere the track C’est Faux (It’s Wrong).

Describing themselves as ‘two guitars, two voices, rhythms and trance’, ‘C’est Faux’ is this sinewy, almost rootsy indie folk track, with elements of noise thrown in, just to keep you off-balance. These screeching yet almost static guitar lines are softened by the beautiful male / female vocals, and the trumpet and trombone interjections. Think J Mascis jamming with Herman Dune (yeah, remember them?!). The melancholy seeps through and the melodies are strong enough to catch your breath. Never mind wrong, feels oh so right to us.

Check it out, here