Arnan Raz, member of the ‘The Side Project’, and acclaimed Saxopohonist, has drafted in an eclectic band made up of Saxophonist Eyal Hai (NY/Israel) trumpet player Hillel Salem (NY/Israel), Percussionists Kofi Hunter (U.S.A) and Joel Mateo (Puerto Rico), and bass player Scott Colberg (U.S.A) for his third foray into solo recordings. The result is 7 days, an album that explores Jazz, Afro-Cuban and Middle-Eastern music, and from it we’re delighted to be able to premiere the new visuals for the title track.

Leaving out harmony instruments, means everything in 7 days sounds free and linear and woven together. Melodic ideas are picked up and dropped off here and there, with this bubbling Latin percussion sprawling underneath everything else, the hypnotic repeated bassline seemingly the only thing holding it together. Put all together, it has the melodies and the ideas to seduce you into loving it.

It’s worldly nature should be of no surprise. As Raz says “I live in Bushwick​” says Raz, “​A neighbourhood which inhabits people from all over the world. Since my girlfriend and I also come from different countries and backgrounds,​m​y life has become multicultural both personally and artistically, and it all shows in my music. This album celebrates the different geographics and ethnic inspirations I was lucky to absorb during the last few years of my life”.

Check it out, here

The album is out on Raz’ own Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit records.