Track: By George unveil the effervescent and infectious single ‘Relax’

By George hail from North Carolina and their new single ‘Relax’ is a delightfully effervescent track – a melody with more hooks than a fishing competition, layered harmonies and buzz-saw guitars. There is a low-fi restrained chaos but with an ultimately a joyful pace as guitar riffs sparkle and shimmer over a Hammond organ sound base.

Through this song, we wanted to document the feeling of being in a relationship where neither side is necessarily wrong, but motivations end up at odds with each other. You might want the best for each other, but oftentimes what you think is best for another person is not what they think is best for themself. Rather than make it a sombre musical experience, we wanted to bring some upbeat and even slightly aggressive energy to get people to relate to that frustration.

Energy indeed encapsulates this hyperactive track:

It’s highly infectious and a sign of good things to come. The track is off By George’s upcoming concept album ‘The Life Of Guy’ and is available though all the usual download and streaming sites.

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