Track: Nicki Wells Shares Winter Warmer ‘A Little Christmas Of My Own’

Nicki Wells shares the warming new Christmas ballad ‘A Little Christmas Of My Own’, an emotive, retrospective single treading through Christmas traditions.

A built around glowing, affecting piano and Wells’ silky, slightly smokey and effortlessly controlled lead vocal, ‘A Little Christmas Of My Own’ creates an affecting soundscape which is both melancholic and heartwarming, perfectly embodying a Christmas evening sat around the fireplace. Delicate, heartfelt and relatable, the track showcases spotless songwriting as well as a stunning performance from wells’ flexing both her impeccable, entrancing vocals and her ability and subtlety as a pianist.

As the track progresses, layers of atmospheric, spine tingle inducing backing vocals enter reinforcing on the already elegant beauty the track possesses.

Speaking about the single, Nicki explains: “It’s a bittersweet song about Christmas because for some, it can be a lonely time, not everyone has a family to go to. But by the end there is a sweet acceptance of a quiet and calm Christmas.”

A stunning single capturing an elegance, simplicity and a captivating beauty, ‘A Little Christmas Of My Own’ is not only an excellent Christmas offering, but a captivating, emotive track in its own right.

Watch the new video below:

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