The metalcore quartet from Florida will release their ninth full length, What The Dead Men Say, through Roadrunner Records on April 24. After sharing two tracks they have just released their third in the form of war epic – ‘Amongst The Shadows And The Stones’

There is everything here, vocal growls, soaring and crushing riffs, dual guitar harmonies, double bass drum. Chuck in some epic guitar solos and its a formula we know so well and for a good reason. It works. This is right up there with some of their best tunes and highlights the talent these four guys have.

“The inspiration for the song started when a war history website that I follow posted a story of a soldier visiting the graves of his fallen comrades and he described it as walking ‘amongst the shadows and the stones,” says Beaulieu. “The first thing I came up with was ‘The ghosts of war will haunt my bones, amongst the shadows and the stones,’ which then inspired the music for the song”.

This single song has managed to tie together almost every different sound Trivium has held over their entire career keeping their stake as one of metals vital bands.

Check it out, here.

Trivium are also setting up a virtual in-store which they will livestream on April 27 at 3PM ET / 8PM BST at Starting today, fans can pre-order a CD copy of ‘What The Dead Men Say’ and have it personalised by the band, who will be signing copies of the album live during the virtual event. 

Pre-order the album here

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