News: George Croucher Returns with Emotional Single ‘Never Really Gone’

After a nearly year-long hiatus from releasing music, Singer-Songwriter George Croucher releases the new single ‘Never Really Gone.’

Laden with a moving sense melancholy, Croucher’s songwriting delivers an emotional journey from the downbeat verses to the soaring chorus. Built around warming piano, lo-fi beats, and strummed acoustic guitar, the track gradually grows towards layers of strings in its chorus as it ebbs and flows with a floating sense of ease. Poignant, atmospheric but above of glittering with a commercial edge thanks to it’s ear-worm vocals, the track balances its emotional tone with accessibility brilliantly.

Speaking on the single, George shares, “Never Really Gone is a single which has been a long time coming. With the original desire to write a pop hit, I’ve ended up with a song I have a strong emotional relationship with.

I set out with a tactical vision as a songwriter to write a song which would be engaging to the masses. We went through a process of nailing down what that looks like, but I believe we came out with something much better: A song from the heart, to the heart.

When we got in the studio, Angus was already three steps ahead. He had ideas and visions of how to elevate what I had made into what we have now. He was a joy and pleasure to work with and I think the song speaks in volumes of the talent Angus holds.”

‘Never Really Gone’ is a brilliant example of heartfelt songwriting that manages to still retain a glowing likability – really well constructed and beautifully balanced pop songwriting.

Listen below:

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