News: Electronic Maestro Fantomacs Takes Audiences On A Sonic Odyssey with New Album ‘Harmonious Fusion’

Berlin, now Switzerland based Fantomacs, the brainchild of Joerg Peters, shares the new new 8-track album, ‘Harmonious Fusion’. Led by the new single ‘Air Stream’, the release is a testament to his daring approach to music, captivating audiences with innovative soundscapes that seamlessly blend energetic electro and jazz elements to create rich, atmospheric, intricate instrumental soundscapes.

Built around driving live drums, swelling layers of synth, and layers of intertwining captivating melodies, Fantomacs’ creations are as complex as they are emotive and multi-faceted.

Allowing for improvisation across the album with, walking bass lines, biting guitar, at times subtle vocals and brass intertwined with the electronic elements each track masterfully blends of ambient and chillout soundscapes, with elements of fusion jazz, funk, and rock.

The lead single ‘Air Stream’ provides a prime example of the sound which can be found across the album – tight drums, washes of electronics and funk tinted guitar and bass which give the track a driving sense of direction and energy before breaking out into a number of improvised solos.

Having released five albums to date, Fantomacs continues to be a prolific and visionary artist, firmly rooted in Berlin’s vibrant energy and avant-garde spirit. ‘Harmonious Fusion’ is a testament to his ability to blend nostalgia and futurism, offering audiences a sonic journey that is both timeless and cutting-edge.

Listen below:

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