Album Review: Beifer – Constant.Transition

The Breakdown

...a captivating environment full of movement and life...

Emerging artist Beifer presents his highly anticipated debut album “constant.transition”: an eclectic fusion of electronic music with strong influences from dubstep, garage and drum ‘n’ bass, enriched with captivating jazz elements. This cross-genre work takes listeners on a journey through dark atmospheres and avant-garde soundscapes, brought to life by the artist’s complex percussion layers and interesting chord structures.

With great experimentation and a desire to break new ground in electronic music, Beifer has created an album that captures the listener’s attention with its unique textures and unconventional soundscapes. Each track is an exploration of musical possibilities, with Beifer masterfully blending a wide variety of genres while creating a cohesive and infectious atmosphere.

The album also features notable collaborations with renowned musicians. Wanja Slavin, Moritz Stahl (Ark Noir/Lyder) and vocalist Enji have collaborated with Beifer to add an additional dynamic and layered dimension to the album. Their unique talents and empathy blend seamlessly with Beifer’s vision, opening up new worlds of sound for the listener.

Beifer has managed to push the boundaries of electronic music and make an impressive artistic statement with his debut album.

Verdict: The solid blend of light ambient phrases that drop into tough beats hits the spot, and the use of piano and sax on a bed of electronic synth layers gives the pieces such a rich musical depth, creating very visceral compositions. The album definitely delivers, while having a heavy side, it is counter balanced by lighter tracks such as the lush ‘The Tragic Life of a Simple Man feat. Enji’ and the haunting piano solo ‘Interlude for her’. Beifer has taken elements of certain dance music genres and made them work harmoniously within a captivating environment full of movement and life. Got this one on rotation.

Track List:

1.Inner Beginnings
3.Asperitas feat. Wanja Slavin
4.God’s Dice
5.Interlude for Her
6.The Tragic Life of a Simple Man feat. Enji
7.Close Things Move Faster
8.Your Shadow Passing By
9.In Limbo feat. Moritz Stahl
10.The End

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