Track: Spirit Catcher & Raxon ‘Remember To Forget’ Kindimmer’s Utopia Remix; available on free download

Free to the first 500 to snap it up, Audiojack’s Gruuv imprint offers Kindimmer’s Utopia Remix of Spirit Catcher & Raxon ‘Remember To Forget’ just ahead of the label return next week with ‘Superimposed’ EP from Spirit Catcher.

Belgian duo Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet aka Spirit Catcher have been in the game for over a decade now delivering material for Silver Network, 2020Vision, Petz Recordings, Systematic and Noir Music. After receiving the demo, Audiojack were impressed…  ‘‘on listening to Superimpose, we immediately felt all of the original charm and nostalgia of that early work. When we first played it out it was an instant hit on the dance floor, and because it sits so comfortably alongside lots of different styles of music, we’ve played it in almost every set for a year. We’re very pleased to finally be able to release it along with their collaboration with Raxon, Remember To Forget and remixes from ourselves and current taste makers Borrowed Identity and Kindimmer.’’

Spirit Catcher’s ‘Superimposed’ EP is out on Gruuv 27th April 2015.

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