Premiere: Prudence’s dark perspective says ‘It’s Useless’ – a rich textured piece of shimmering gold, preceding new album ‘Negatives’.

Feature Photograph:McLean Stephenson

Crystalline, razor sharp guitars immediately focus attention on Prudence‘s stately anthemic single ‘It’s Useless’: they ring out like bells as the steady paced track commences with an euphoric, effortless march. With shades of The Verve in its psychedelic magnificence and singer Tom Crandles’s vocals, this is a shimmering track that we are honoured to premiere here at Backseat Mafia.

‘It’s Useless’ comes off Prudence’s forthcoming album ‘Negatives’ which is due out on Friday, 26 August 2022.

Crandles says of the track:

‘It’s Useless’ is one of my preferred tracks on the record. Lyrically it follows the record’s theme of futility and “Negative” sentiments, (something I’d like to think I’ve moved past but was present at the time of conception) however musically juxtaposed by what i’d like to think is an uplifting feeling of joy when the song comes together.

Indeed there is a euphoric crescendo to the track: indelible melodies and spectral instrumentation give it a sense of grace and presence. The brief opening is dark and nightmarish before the guitars start to sparkle while the vocals are melancholic and yearning and the bass provides a sinuous and supple spine throughout. There is a touch of shoegaze in the wall of sound and a dream pop fugue in the delivery.

The single is out on Prudence’s album ‘Negatives’ this Friday, which is available to pre-order through the link below:

Crandles, composer and session musician, is essentially Prudence – we loved last year’s EP ‘Untitled’ – and he has a strong history in the Australian music scene, being part of COLOURS, as well as one half of Au.Ra (Felte Records). Past gigs have included playing bass for DMA’s.

Feature Photograph: McLean Stephenson

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