News: Hypnogator Unleashes Explosive, Psychedelic New Single ‘Jesus (Tried To Take the Wheel But He Ended Up Insane)’

In the heart of South East London, emerging band Hypnogator is causing waves with their latest single, ‘Jesus (Tried To Take the Wheel But He Ended Up Insane).’ The track, a compelling fusion of psychedelic-rock and prog, serves as a testament to the band’s unique sound and exceptional musicianship.

Describing their music as a “journey through the cosmic swamp” Hypnogator’s sprawling garage-rock-meets-psychedelic style has been turning heads in London’s vibrant rock scene. Formed during the tail end of lockdown, the band draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, blending old-school Led Zeppelin-esque riffs with contemporary elements of psychedelia, jazz, and funk. The result is a high-energy, expressive, and intricate sound that has firmly established the band in the city’s live music scene.

The single, produced by the band’s drummer Liam Gunning, known for his work with artists like Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Cat Burns, and Paris Paloma, showcases the band’s signature style. ‘Jesus (Tried To Take the Wheel But He Ended Up Insane)’ is characterized by crunchy, thick guitar sounds soaked in modulation, tight drumming, grounding bass, and melodic lead vocals.

As the track progresses, it takes listeners on a sonic journey, transitioning from a choppy verse to a double-tempo pre-chorus before exploding into a chorus filled with heavily distorted guitar tones and soaring vocals. Growing through jazzy chord progressions and urgent delivery, the latter section features a shredding guitar solo with sweep picking and monstrous runs, culminating in an intense final segment that leaves a lasting impact.

Discussing the thematic elements of the track, the band explains: “It’s got themes of mental health, as the main protagonist is loved despite feeling unworthy based on a deep inner ‘evil.’ We record every song in bits and bobs here and there, but this one needed a day up in Subfrantic Studios (where we rehearse and where Liam, our drummer, works) to get all the fine details worked out as a team – you can’t beat in-person group listening sessions.”

Hypnogator invites fans to join them on a voyage through their psychedelic underworld, showcasing not only their brilliant musicianship but also their ability to craft infectious soundscapes that capture the energy and excitement of their live shows. With packed-out performances at iconic venues like Camden Assembly and O2 Academy Islington under their belt, Hypnogator is poised to leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of London’s rock scene.

Watch below:

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