Track: Flip Top Head Share The Haunting Double Release ‘Intro 98’ / ‘1st July 2006’

Alyx Ashton

Brighton Orchestral Cult Rockers Flip Top Head have started 2024 with a haunting double release ‘Intro 98 / 1st July 2006’ out via cult London label Blitzcat Records

Writing ‘1st July 2006’ “after a night with a bottle of whisky and Songs of Love and Hate by Cohen on repeat on the turntable.”, leading the release is ‘Intro ‘98’. The track stands as the first the band wrote together, and lyrically explores, with its various voices, the struggles of fresh beginnings, and the quest for authenticity, as vocalist Bowie Bartlett herself explains:

“The intro lyrics were originally used in an old song, ‘Screaming Joe’ – versing on owning, wearing and ruining the coat of a lost loved one. We don’t play that song anymore but we carry the life of ‘Screaming Joe’ over in Intro 98. Bertie’s lyrics came as a reflection of the motions and the fear and anxiety of starting a new project; digesting the new musical dynamic balance internally and the shift of roles and ideas to create something new – positively speaking. It’s also about my own struggles of how to project an image of individuality whilst maintaining confidence and trueness in myself.”

‘Intro 98’ starts with spoken words that fight to be heard over the cacophony of guitars and drums. An acoustic guitar restores order as the track morphs into a more coherent form of indie rock that flows with urgency, it’s a wonderful listen. The second track ‘1st July 2006’ keeps the spoken word but has a more fluid feel to it with melodic guitar, steady drums and dreamy backing vocals. Both songs are captivating and deserve multiple spins hinting at the brilliance this band are yet to share.

Check out Intro 98, below:

Check out 1st July 2006, below:

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