Track: The Glass Children – Capture

I’ve a terrible memory. Or at least – I did last week. You see, a couple of things happened on April 11th and I happened to miss them both. The first was that London electro duo The Glass Children, aka David Fairweather and Daniella Kleovoulou released a single, Capture. I’d seen as much on social media but when it came to it, I missed it. I also missed by sisters birthday despite the reminder phone call from my mother some 24 hours before I needed to post it. And yet, here I sit – listening to Capture with my sisters birthday card next to me.

Capture opes with these gentle waves of electronica, with the synth playing these simple – almost childlike lines over this eerie piano figure. The whole thing has the feeling of the stillness between heartbeats, or maybe the black of the pitch back, as beats and bass and these rather lovely male/female vocals in octaves (of course) wrap themselves around you, pulling the sounds into the claustrophobic nearness. Not easy, in most circumstances, to forget.

Oh, anyone got a stamp?

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