Film Review: Honest Thief

Liam Neeson is not a man you want to get on the wrong side of. Despite being almost seventy, the Northern Irish actor seems to attract trouble. If Eastern Europeans aren’t kidnapping his wife or daughter then he’s stopping terrorists, wrestling wolves or snowplowing his way to revenge. Over the last decade he has become one of the most unlikely action stars. This run continues in Mark Williams’s new film Honest Thief.

Tom Carter (Neeson) is the ‘In-and-Out Bandit’. Over a decade he has robbed a number of small-town banks, amassing $9 million yet has not spent a penny. After meeting and falling in love with Annie (Kate Walsh), who doesn’t know about his crimes, he decides to come clean. However, when he tries to cut a deal with a couple of FBI Agents (Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos) they take the money and try to kill him.

You know what you’re getting with a Liam Neeson action film, and Honest Thief delivers. Whilst there’s absolutely nothing new here and we’ve seen it all before, it doesn’t make it any less entertaining. The story itself is fairly ludicrous, and the way it goes predictable, but there are some very good set-pieces and more than enough bang for your buck. Honest Thief plays with themes of good and evil to create a thrilling cat and mouse crime drama.

Honest Thief is out in cinemas on 23 October.

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