TRACK: Bronx Slang tease for next year’s album with a new mixtape

OLLIE MIGGS and Jerry Beeks, the B-boy lyrical scientists better known to us as Bronx Slang, are teasing for a new album in ’21 with 19 minutes of hard-hitting, conscious mixtape for Fabyl – which is out now.

They’re reporting back from the frontlines in NYC as America slides deeper into pandemic and division. “You know it’s like a race war out here / It’s not like a race war, it is a race war / And its at its peak,” is the chilling despatch.

British producers Jadell and Fake Blood are at the faders for a hard-hitting slice of groove that still finds space for The Batman Theme and the rallying cry: “Hiphop lives”.

Miggs and Beeks say: “Consider it a long single” and that people should know “We right there on the frontlines with ‘em, for real”. Take a listen below.

 Keep your ears to the ground for the full-lengther next year: follow Bronx Slang on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bronx Slang’s The Bronx Kill mixtape is out now on Fabyl.

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