Track: Collapse Of Colour – Freefall

Northern metalcore band Collapse Of Colour have shared their new single ‘Freefall’ as they once again bring the often overlooked subject of mental health to the forefront.

The band comments:

“Freefall is a song we’ve been excited about for a while. It’s packed full of hooks and carries a real punch with a message that we think will be relatable for a lot of people.”

The track delivers all that is expected from this talented band. A dreamy intro with sustained guitar notes and clean vocals before the harsh emotional delivering growl enters along with the gentle pounding of drums. It’s that clever use of the clean and guttural vocals that gives the song so much power. The guys create the mental anguish with the crashing cymbals and chaotic discordant guitar to deliver the punch that the clean vocals and dreamy intro promises.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

Pick the track up at the bands Bandcamp along with their EP ‘Drowning Sharks’

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