TRACK: Mary Lattimore – ‘Pine Trees’: otherwordly harp delicacy

Mary Lattimore, photographed by Rachael Pony Cassells

MARY LATTIMORE, the Los Angeles-based harpist who charms all who enter her graceful, ambient world, has just released the beautiful and glimmering second single from her forthcoming album for Ghostly International, Silver Ladders, which will be out come October 9th. Take a listen with us.

She recorded her new one down in Cornwall, adoptive home of shoegaze legend Neil Halstead, and she found the rugged landscape and folklore of the land beyond the Tamar really informed her playing.

We covered the first teaser track she dropped a few weeks ago, “Sometimes He’s In My Dreams”, here. It’s a gorgeous listen with Neil draping a little trademark, Slowdivey guitar in interplay with that chiming harp. 

The delicate sound of “Pine Trees” is to be the opening track on the album; it showcases her delicacy with the instrument, unfolding a courtly theme over a simple synth wash. It’s transporting, ethereal in a very real sense, seems to step you back in time and place.

Mary said the track “… is named after a quiet cluster of trees by the sea on the island of Hvar in Croatia. 

“This song was created in Los Angeles at home, but crystallized in the studio with Neil’s help, where he took away layers of the demo that felt unnecessary, bringing out other layers to the front that had been hidden. 

“This song feels like a testament to his producing in that, through more objective listening, a subtler light could shine through that I hadn’t seen in it before.”

Mary Lattimore’s Silver Ladders will be released by Ghostly International on October 9th, on mp3, WAV, CD, trad black and silver star vinyl variants. Place your order here.

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