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ALBUM REVIEW: Mary Lattimore – ‘Silver Ladders’: contemplative and elemental harp exploration

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Silver Ladders speaks of an open correspondence with place, with dialogue, with the elements. It’s happy to embrace the darker side of being. As such, maybe it’s a departure from the pristine shimmer of Hundreds Of Days; but it will provide incredibly rewarding autumnal exploration.

MARY LATTIMORE, the Los Angeles-based harpist who charms all who enter her graceful, ambient world, has just released the beautiful and glimmering second single from her forthcoming album for Ghostly International, Silver Ladders, which will be out come October 9th. Take a listen with us. She recorded her new one down in Cornwall, adoptive home …

IT’S a collaboration to make any lover of ethereal soundscapery’s mouth water. Last heard of, solo, with her luscious Hundreds of Days set back in 2018, Los Angeleno harpist Mary Lattimore has been busy recording a new album in Cornwall – under the aegis of longtime Kernow resident, Slowdive’s Neil Halstead. Her new album, Silver …