Track: Darkstar – Through the Motions, plus tour dates

Ahead of the release later in the month of their new album ‘Foam Island’, out on 25th September via Warp Records, Darkstar are back with a new song, Through the Motions.

The duo, James Young and Aiden Whalley, have blended their electro/dance floor sound, as seen best on earlier releases such as Aidy’s Girl is a Computer, while still moving forward in the ever changing electronic music world, and have further honed their songwriiting chops. “It’s [the album] a culmination of everything we’ve written up to this point, the club and electronic side but also trying to tell a story”.

After this crackling electronic noise heralds the opening of Through the motions, it lays down this slightly off kilter synth line, peppered with percussive beats before the heavily processed vocals draw an almost robotic veil over the whole thing. Almost cinematic, the synth lines sigh and the backing becomes a hazy, weirdly string/vocal mix, resting somewhere between Bollywood and the north of England. It’s intriguing, beguiling stuff.

A live tour will coincide with the album release. Check the boys out at…

14/10/15 – Exil, Zurich, CH
16/10/15 – Hakken, Hamburg, DE
17/10/15 -Amsterdam Dance Event @ Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL
20/10/15 – Point Éphémère, Paris, FR
21/10/15 – Kino Siska, Llublijana, SI
22/10/15 – AB, Brussels, BE
23/10/15 – Liverpool Music Week, Liverpool, UK
29/10/15 – Beacons Metro @ Headrow House, Leeds, UK
30/10/15 – Dachstock, Bern, CH
31/11/15 – New Falls Festival, Dusseldorf, DE
04/11/15 – ICA, London, UK
06/11/15 – Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate, UK

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