Track: Cleo T releases new single ‘I love me, I love me not’, plus album news

If I had any command whatsoever of the French language I would probably be able to write an article full of cleverly gauge, quoting French phrases and words to confirm my admiration for French chan…..chant, singer Cleo T. Sadly apart from ordering beer and (randomly) being able to ask the whereabouts if the tourist information centre, I’m fairly lost.

That said, the new single from Cleo T, is this theatrical, mystical folk pop song that dances through your mind, luscious with its interesting and colourful string led accompaniment. It’s brightened by her mellow, beautiful voice and it’s taken from her forthcoming album, Songs of Gold & Shadow, out in February 2014.

Cleo T has been touring since 2010, accompanied by Cello, Harp and Piano, a very French sounding cabaret, all across Europe. She won the Paris young talent contest in 2012, and she has already performed at the Olympia Hall and at the Solidays charity festival on Paris.

Worth checking out, in any language.

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