Live Review: Plastic glass / No you – Independent, Sunderland 10.06.2022

Adam Littlemore

By Adam Littlemore

What a warm send off it was for Plastic Glass with their sold out gig at the Independent, Sunderland. The first band on tonight to warm up the crown was Noyou with their eclectic mix of Synth-pop, fuzzy rock and electronic music. They warmed up the crowd perfectly, and everyone was dancing to the beat created by the heavy riffs and drums clashing together, they remind me of the 1975 as the vibe you get from the band is amazing.

The last band of the night was Plastic Glass who came onto the stage with the crowd shouting and cheering and you could tell from the first song, we were in for a great night. As soon as the drums started to play, the crowd started dancing before descending into a full-blown most pit.

Plastic glass have come so far in their music career after starting in 2018 when they were just 17. Since the first time of seeing them perform I can tell they have grown up so much and always stayed true to themselves all the whilst having some of the most amazing experiences/gigs/festivals. Travelling all around the country playing their music and last night was a great send-off for the band.

At the end of the night, before they left, the band grabbed some of their merch and threw it out to the crowd as a thank you for all of their support over the years, helping the band achieve their music career goal. It will be a sad miss to see them depart but I wish the band all the best in their career.

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