Premiere: WRYT Rides The Tide Of Emo Rock Resurgence On ‘Charlatan’

Having grown up as a fan of all the Emo Rock faves (MCR, Good Charlotte, all that good stuff) to hear artists like WRYT bringing back the genre fills me joy (if also reminding me of how much I hated school and causing a large black fringe to magically appear over my face). The US rock solo artist is not back with his new single ‘Charlatan’ and we’re very excited to be running the premiere.

Opening with muted electronics the track soon bursts into life with a think distorted guitar line, thudding drums and rumbling bass setting the tone for the dark Pop-Rock anthem which is about to ensue. Written, recorded, and produced by WRYT himself during quarantine, the track’s driving energy perfectly compliments the intense, emotional vocal performance perfectly. With well placed harmonies surrounding the top line, ‘Charlatan’ is a demonstration of not only the artist’s ability as a performer but also his ear for arrangement and production.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Charlatan’, WRYT said, “Charlatan was written in response to the tragic removal of Haitian migrants in Texas. I was appalled at the use of whips on black immigrants that echoed the same strain and hurt by the Slave Trade. I personally found the act to be incredibly cowardice and without regard for human decency. It only reinforces this notion that power is held by the oppressor, and any chance to grow from this is stifled and choked out.”

Listen below:

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