PREMIERE: Damion announces debut album with buttery smooth lead single ‘Company Man’

If you’re working on music whose main sonic touchstones are the likes of Joni Mitchell and Todd Rundgren, you may as well go all in and record straight to cassette, right? Well, it works for Damion Schiralli. The Bloomington, Indiana native, inspired by 1970s AM radio deep dives, was happy to lean into the aesthetic for his debut solo album, which we’re announcing today, not to mention premiering its lead single.

Lead ‘Company Man’ was birthed from repetition. Per Schiralli: “I came up with the main riff on an acoustic guitar and just played it for hours with no breaks til the chorus came to me. The whole thing just kind of poured out after that. I wanted the song to just be a fun mood-setter about being a social guy. I’m not really too much like that, but occasionally I feel that way. It’s important to me that no one takes the song too seriously, so I tried to have a lot of fun with the lyrics and arrangement.”

Get familiar with ‘Company Man’ below, and keep an eye out for Special Interest, which lands on Tuesday July 19th via Earth Libraries.

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