Live Review: Everything Everything – O2 Academy, Birmingham 09.04.2022 Plus Gallery

It’s a shock to see that the room is barely at half capacity but this audience are about to make this Birmingham venue feel more than full. Within a matter of minutes, the production and sound quality is made abundantly clear and matches perfectly with the talent of everyone on stage. Johnathan Higg’s range is demonstrated from the first song; it takes you off guard if you’re not expecting it though it’s refreshing to see such a talented vocalist on stage. Everything Everything are quick to get the crowd going as fan favourite ‘Cough Cough’ is second up. ‘Arch Enemy’ is the fourth song in the setlist and one of many to receive an arena sized cheer and it only goes up from here.

‘Kemosabe’ is warmly welcomed as we get 5 songs in and it feels as though this song really sets the tone for the evening as the crowd chant ‘hey’ and throw their hands into the air. Quickly, this becomes one of the most fun and involved audiences I’ve ever been a part of; even with the songs they don’t know too well, they’re quick to make up for their quietness with clapping. The further into the night we get, the more of their ability and talent we are treated to and ‘Planets’ is a prime example of Everything Everything showing off what they do best – real art rock.

‘To The Blade’ gets the audience going in ways I didn’t know was possible and everyone takes every opportunity they’re given to make as much noise as they possibly can, including those on stage. Anyone who wasn’t moving to ‘To The Blade’ has a hard time staying still when it comes to ‘Pizza Boy’. It appears as though ‘Photoshop Handsome’ is going to be tough to beat for Birmingham tonight though it’s not for long as ‘Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread’ take this wild ride up even higher,

I have to admit, there’s not a person on stage who doesn’t make what they’re doing look effortless as this 5 piece barely break a sweat and it’s hard to get over how empty the room is when you hear the noise coming from inside. It’s clear they have a cult following and there’s not a single person in the room who isn’t living their best life. Is this the best show of 2022 so far? Probably…

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