Premiere: The Wedding Present reveal live new video for the gorgeous, aching melancholy of Monochrome

Excitement reigns here at Backseat Mafia offices (i.e. my kitchen table) as we get to premiere the new video from the legendary boy Gedge and his Wedding Present co-conspirators – masters in the dark arts of making drop dead gorgeous indie gems, and they’ve cast another here in the shape of the melancholy Monochrome.

Part of the bands 24 songs project where you get a 7” single per month, Monochrome packs in everything you need for a great pop record; melodies that hit you firmly in the face, scuzzy guitars that graze your knees and scuff your shoes, and heartbreak that makes your chest ache. And yet, with David Gedge at the lyrical controls, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

On the project, David says: “In 1991, The Wedding Present were rehearsing in a studio in Yorkshire when we hit upon an idea that immediately thrilled us all. Our bass player [Keith Gregory] had been a member of the ‘Sub Pop Singles Club’ – a service that allowed subscribers to receive 7”s released by that Seattle label on a monthly basis. Keith wondered if we, as a band, could attempt a similar thing. In that instant, The Wedding Present’s Hit Parade series was born and, during 1992, we managed to release a brand new 7” single each and every month.

“The Hit Parade went on to become something of a significant milestone in the history of the band and it’s a project about which I’m often asked. As its thirtieth anniversary approached, I began to wonder if we should celebrate it in some way. A ‘Hit Parade Part 2’ didn’t feel quite right, though. Then, someone said to me: “Other bands have released music in similar ways but there has been nothing like the Hit Parade.” And they were right! A 7” single a month seems, somehow, very ‘Wedding Present’. So, inspired by that little idea from three decades ago, we’ve embarked on this new project, 24 Songs.

“Even though The Wedding Present have never been known for taking the easy route, the idea of recording 24 tracks and releasing them in this way could seem daunting to any band. However, I’ve been utterly inspired by the music that has been written since Jon and Melanie joined the group. The thought of celebrating this exciting new line-up with an exciting new series has motivated us all… and I suppose we also didn’t want any of these songs to be hidden away in the middle of an album!”

Check the video out, here

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