EP Review: Little Brother Eli (Self Titled)

Releasing a self titled EP can bring a few ideas to mind but the truth of it is it a self titled EP shows the confidence a band has with their material, and in this case that confidence is justified. Four musicians showing the best of their ability with three songs that are brilliantly written and expertly performed. From the opening of the first track ‘Who Do You’, Little Brother Eli instantly set themselves apart from the pretenders in the genre of rock/blues and mark themselves as a band worthy of attention. In an opening that is reminiscent of ‘Good Times Bad Times’ by Led Zeppelin, the riffs and rhythms on offer are first class.

One of the many aspects I love about Little Brother Eli is how they present their sound, specifically through the sounds of the guitars and bass. The combination of distortion and a clean sound brings out a style that sit well together, allowing each part to shine through and compliment each other. As for the bass it has a great sound to it that comes out brilliantly in the mix, giving each song a great drive and rhythmic backing. On top of that the rhythms on the drums really give the songs their power. And then there’s the vocals. Catchy hooks expressed with great passion and emotion that the overall impact will draw you in and keep you involved. Their songs are their own and there’s no one that could pull them off other than them.

Most of all it’s the small things that really captured my attention. It’s a lick on the guitar, the pronunciation of a certain word, the way the backing vocals intertwine, the breaks in the rhythm, the sounds of the distortions on the instruments, the hits on the high hat and the way they close a song.

Of the three tracks, ‘Hanging’ is the only one that’s been released prior to this EP which was an acoustic stripped back version. This full version shows that they can take a song and present in different styles, each of them able to stand on their own and it’s hard to pick a favourite version. It’s this musical understanding that comes across in the writing and the musicianship. These guys know exactly what they’re doing and it’s clear they’re loving every second of it.

I know this is going to seem like a ridiculous nitpick and a selfish one, but I would have loved to hear more tracks on this release and it comes down to one simple fact: you instantly want to hear more from the band. They work incredibly well together bringing a range of influences to their songs and to be honest if this was a full album I’d still feel the same way. What’s on offer will easily inspire new and seasoned musicians alike and already I can’t wait to hear more from Little Brother Eli. That being said, the three tracks on offer, show the best of the band and offer their own individual merits. Overall it’s one of the best contained releases I’ve heard in a while. It’s wholly satisfying and achieves the hard task of leaving you wanting more which is why I’ve given it a big score.

This is going to be a great year for the band and for more news/reviews on the band keep checking back to Backseat Mafia.

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