Track: Vimes – Mind

Photo: Stefan Braunbarth

Cologne based duo Azhar Syed and Julien Stetter have already toured with the likes of Hot Chip and Crystal Castles and released well received tracks such as Upstairs, Celestial and Entail since meeting back in 2012. Out on 22nd January 2015 is their new single Mind, taken from their debut album ‘Nights In Limbo’ being released on 12th February 2016 via Humming Records / Rough Trade.

At its outset, Mind is full of this icy sounding synth hue, that shivers and flickers away in the background, the bells only adding to its Wintry nature. In contrast the warmth of the vocal, seems to eventually warm the rest o the track into something warmer, distinctly so as the beat kicks in, but there’s always that chill over the shoulder. Its actually rather lovely.

Check it out, here

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